Why Puzzlewood?

1. We have Experience

Puzzlewood founder and President Henry Borntraeger has over 20 years of experience in construction, remodeling and general contracting.  Every member of the Puzzlewood crew understands the need for efficiency combined with total quality.  We are aware of the fact that good communication is as important as good work.  

Henry has built or remodeled houses and condominiums from Maine to the Carolinas to the Caribbean.  He knows the importance of smart design and flexibility especially when dealing with these fabulous old houses where nothing is as it seems.  The experienced, caring crew have been hand-picked over the years and this is Puzzlewood’s largest asset.

Henry also holds a 50-ton U.S. Coast Guard Master’s captain license, enabling Puzzlewood to meet even the most remote client needs.

Always carrying full insurance including commercial, we also meet the needs of any business or non-profit organization.

At Puzzlewood, we have also had the pleasure of doing many restorations, including a New England captain’s house built in the late 1700s as well as many old farm house restorations.  Our flexibility, and open-mindedness afford us the ingenuity to be able to solve any situation we may encounter.  We specialize in remodeling and restoring the unique antiquated homes found here on the coast and have gained a reputation for the knowledge and creativity necessary to work efficiently with these older homes.

2. We have Imagination

This is where our name comes from.  No project is too complex; we enjoy figuring out how to give you the finest, most efficient route to your project destination within your budget, timeframe, and other constraints that are much like pieces of a puzzle.  Our imagination sets us apart from other builders.

3. We Care

We care about our clients, our work, and the local community.  Puzzlewood is a company with a reputation for doing an outstanding job for every client. When we say that we never risk our reputation, it means our clients can count on us to deliver a high-quality job every time.  Every client is a reference.

Views like the one below are why we live and work in Downeast Maine, and we enjoy helping everyone make the most of our beautiful area.  We take pride in doing the bestjob we can to preserve any surrounding landscape and are on the forefront of green construction practices.

A beautiful Deer Isle sunset – one of the reasons we live and work here.

A beautiful Deer Isle sunset – one of the reasons we live and work here.

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